I saw Gabriel Byrne laugh in a movie once.

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Another great one, Shalom.

"Sarah laughed (Genesis 18:12) and he made her barren. Tough room."

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This was so smart, Mr Auslander! The words just shimmered up from the page and buzzed around my head. So entertaining, so relatable. I will never rise to this level of writing myself, but I am having an amazing time and aiming high. Dream big, I say. 700 pages? I got this! Thanks for your excellent examples.

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I was taught that Beckett shone truth on the human condition (ie. he wrote misery) and with a press photo that looked like he had just stepped out of a 8 week long bath to answer the telephone (ie. he was miserable and also slightly peeved) but the picture you shared above of him laughed at me a thousand different words. I cannot wait to see godot again in a whole different light! if I ever get round to it, that is

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So glad I found you. Hilarious gal. I would read your 1000 word book.

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Isn't it the Russians who believe that smiling for no reason proves that you're nuts? I once saw Gabriel Byrne smile but I have no proof.

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Laughter is often linked to connivence, and there’s such a warmth in this... and a freedom.

Best remedy to any form of extremism or authoritarianism.

I was fortunate to grow up in France in the seventies where state TV would broadcast again and again old French comedies. I followed up with my kids, initiating them to this joyful not very sophisticated humor.

Of course tragedy is never far because none of life makes much sense anyways. So that’s the trick, find the crack, the ridicule and just surrender to a good laugh and feel deeply alive.

And of course for me some terrible childhood crazy laughter occurred attending mass...

Here is a poem I love for those who read French:

Le cancre

Il dit non avec la tête

Mais il dit oui avec le cœur

Il dit oui à ce qu'il aime

Il dit non au professeur

Il est debout

On le questionne

Et tous les problèmes sont posés

Soudain le fou rire le prend

Et il efface tout

Les chiffres et les mots

Les dates et les noms

Les phrases et les pièges

Et malgré les menaces du maître

Sous les huées des enfants prodiges

Avec des craies de toutes les couleurs

Sur le tableau noir du malheur

Il dessine le visage du bonheur.

Jacques Prévert

Can’t wait to read your book!

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I bow in applause to you. You are good! It was a fun ride. I smiled at least 10 times and even managed an out loud chuckle.

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Very thought-provoking.

Asking as a novice unaware of the etiquette here yet-is it okay if I restuck it and then will think aloud there, rather than going on and on in your comments' section? I'm too verbose, and writings have their ..inner pace? This one feels like it wouldn't appreciate long comments

PS but I want to add -a) it's hilarious about trading cards, it's like I'm there, thank you for painting such a vivid picture b) I somehow met very different rabbies, they mostly amused the hell out of me-but these were brief, albeit very important, encounters; and c) pure coincidence-I mentioned just yesterday(I think?) how I'm scared to read Kafka(don't know why, as I haven't read him yet). Now, after this post of yours, I might become brave and all, at last.

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Another great piece of writing about writing. I hope you do out Foster Foster Wallace.

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Thank you for your thoughts in words. Enjoyable reading, insightful & delightful. Loved the "ungodly God" vids and other lit too.

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Pure gold, so delighted I found you. I am not used to laughing out loud whilst reading, but I’m excited to get used to it!

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Loved this! You brought me back decades to the awkward Shabbats being stuck with my chassidic cousins in Montreal watching them argue and trade Rabbi cards. I kept wondering why they were hungry for cards with mean looking dudes but I was the ignorant non-religious cousin, so what did I know.

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Sorry! I’ve already read the book.

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Your still a baby, Shalom. I'll see you at your Substack Bar Mitzvah!

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